Undoubtedly, there are over 60 producers of ice cider around the world. The massive production of ice cider has inspired other producers. Notably, it has inspired producers in Western Canada. Currently, Canada is the leading producer of cider, and many people love the cider products from this country. In this guide, readers will discover essential information about producers of cider.

Cold Winter Helps Canadian Ice Cider Producers

During cold winter, Canadians produce a lot of cider. Cold weather doesn’t allow people to collect apples from their farms. Therefore, producers of cider enjoy creating products from the apples left to freeze during the cold winter. Hence, Canadian producers of cider can provide more of it during the cold seasons.

Excellent Products from Ice cider

When you’re in love with ice cider, you need to find ice cider cousins to taste and enjoy. There are many products made from ice cider that people can buy and enjoy. here are some of the ice cider cousins you should not miss such as the following:

1. Neige Premiere Cidre de Glace: This drink is a product that is the darling of many restaurants in Montreal. Canadians visit top restaurants in Montreal to enjoy this drink. Francoise Pouliot is the owner of this product. The great thing about this guy is that he assisted in perfecting the method of concentrating apple juice in the cold naturally. He produced well-balanced drinks between tart and sweet.

2. Sheldrake Point Ice Apple Wine: The producer of this wine at Cayuga Lake has been making dessert wines from grapes and Riesling. Later, the producer abandoned these raw products and decided to use crushed cider apple. These crushed cider apples were from the Cornell University Orchards and produced the best cider drinks.


With over 60 producers of ice cider, people can learn more about ice cider production in this guide. Hence, enjoy some of these products.