This is not just an apple juice that’s put on ice. Rather, it is one of the sweetest, delicious and delicate liqueur that is made from the frozen apples. Because of this reason, it is Quebec’s specialty.

So, here are more details about this special drink in Quebec.

The Way the Drink is Made

Basically, this drink is made from frozen fruits. Apples are just left outside to freeze naturally during the winter. However, once the weather changes, the fruits will dry, and the concentration of the sugar intensifies.

Dealing with frozen apples has never been a simple thing. They need to be pressed slowly so that juice can be extracted. The juice obtained from the process will later be fermented into ice cider.

Just How You Can Serve the Wine

It is best to serve ice cider when it is chilled but not too cold. Otherwise, the complex aroma may be lost. So the right thing to do is to store it in a fridge for a while to cool. The wine should be served immediately after the meal. But you can also take it as you exchange a few words with friends and family members.

Moreover, it can be sweeter if it’s served with a fruit dessert, such as pumpkin pie. The intensity of ice cider goes hand in hand with fatty and savoury meals, especially with pate or foie gras. Whatever you serve the wine with, make sure you pour it in a wine glass to come up with the best portion.


If you would like to drink something that can invigorate your nerves and make you happy, try ice cider. Remember to serve it when cold to maintain its aroma and sweetness. But make sure you control your drinking habit. Take it as a dessert and everything would be perfect!