Undoubtedly, everyone who drinks alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks has heard of ice cider drinks and events. If you are still wondering about cider, you need to taste this brilliant drink. Canada is the land of cider events, and many people go to pubs and festivals to enjoy this smooth and sweet drink. You cannot afford to miss the apple cider in your cocktails or a pint glass. You will discover more information about ice cider events in this guide.

Cider Events in Quebec

Well, many people have enjoyed cider events over the years. However, they do not understand Quebec is the largest producer of ice cider in the world. In Quebec, ice cider is known as cidre de glace. When apples are left on branches in chilly winters, they produce the sweetest nectar. Therefore, people in Quebec use frozen apples to produce ice cider. Producers of ice cider in Quebec has held various events to promote their cider products, such as the Pata Negra.

Ice Cider Festival

Many people fancy attending ice cedar events. Various ice cedar events and festivals are held around the world annually. Therefore, people who enjoy drinking cider can attend these events. Ice cider events are being recognized around the world as the premier specialty wine events for North Americans.

The Vermont Ice Cider Association is known as a group of artisanal producers. This group of cider producers is committed to producing ice cider with a Canadian twist. They observe Quebec traditions and culture when presenting cider in various events. The Vermont Sugar & Ice Festival is held in Boston annually to promote the ice cider drinks.


When you’re planning to hold an event, perhaps, you need to provide cider drinks to people who grace a special occasion. Not all individuals drink alcoholic beverages, and cider will suit such people. It is also a brilliant drink for various events. Therefore, people need to consider ice cider always!